Ladybugpelt strained as one kit was born. She had black shiny fur, and blue eyes. The kit rolled onto the moss and then another kit slid out.

This kit was brownish reddish, and had a sleek white tail. "Their names will be Darkkit and Maplekit," Ladybugpelt whispered.

The kits were beautiful like the stars.


Maplekit opened her eyes, and saw Darkkit waddling arund the den. She sat up, and joined her sister. A burly looking kit with golden fur was standing next to them, and Maplekit immediately felt her heart throb. Who was this amazing cat? He caught her gaze, and stared back at her.

"Hello," the kit greeted. "My name is Dashkit," he meowed. Maplekit could hardly answer; she was too in love. Her mind swam for words, but she could hardly speak.

"You're gorgeous..." she whispered.

"What's that?"

"Uh...I s-said nice t-to meet you!" she laughed anxiously. Dashkit was so sexy, and Maplekit wasn't even in kit bras yet! She would have to eat a lot, so she would grow big and beautiful. That was probably what Dashkit wanted.

Darkkit stepped forwards, the sunlight dancing on her brilliant black fur. Dashkit's jaw dopped, and he turned to her.

"Um, h-hi, my n-name is Dashkit," he meowed, gaze rested on her beautiful fur. Maplekit felt a pang of pain.