"OMG," Teena said. Her pants were on fire! A triangle shaped tree was playing jumprope with a banana wearing bunny ears. Carefully, she pulled Winnie The Pooh off of her butt. Pink elephants dotted the sky as she ran off to BeanVille.

At BeanVille, Mr. Herp Derp was pulling rainbow guinea pigs from a can of soup. His soccer ball shaped hair waved in the wind as he turned to face Teena. She licked at the ground, sending the cheese fountain into mid air.

Mr. Herp Derp gave a red sandal to Teena, and she giggled, fluttering her blue eyelashes. "Oh, Mr. Herp Derp," she blushed. "You are such a heartthrob."

The eagles flew away as Mr. Herp Derp picked Teena up and smooched her. She smiled in her Pikachu suit as she kissed back.

Then, she ran away to play bowling with her friend Bread. Bread pooped on her and then- OH NO!


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